Monday, December 29, 2008

In Malaysia

Hi all, 

We are in Malaysia!! Woo-hoo! Long plane flight :) They started filming yesterday even though it was just supposed to be a meet and greet. They filmed for 7 hours. I'll never be a movie star. How BORING to watch filming. It's like watching paint dry. But it was great to see all the students and the Cikgu here again. I'm happy to get to see them for a few weeks. I'll post pictures soon. I need to take some more and I'll post them here or facebook. 


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hi all, 

Sat. Dec 20th 9:30am

Butterfield's Restaurant at Danada.
End of Semester Breakfast just for the heck of it. 

Let me know if you can make it and if you are bringing spouses/kids. 

:) See you next Saturday!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Last Class 12/13

The last class for the semester is next Saturday December 13th. Classes will resume in January for the Spring '09 Semester. Don't forget to sign up at COD for next semester's class. The details for COD sign up are in a different post. 

Friday, December 5, 2008

Malaysia Trip

As most of you know, three of us are going to Malaysia for a couple weeks at the end of December. I'll post updates and pics on here to keep you up to date on how everything is going while we are there. If the is video, I'll post it too but I may have red-tape to deal with if I try and do that. I'll try and be very annoying and take tons of pictures so you can see all the training and all the people we'll meet. You can sign up to "follow" this blog and I think it will email you immediately when something new is posted. 


Some people had asked me about Gayong videos. There are some on YouTube and goole Video. 

I like google video, you can narrow the search easily. A short cut for finding Gayong Videos is to type in "Gayong" in the search field. If you just type in "Silat" you'll get a ton of different Silat videos, not just Gayong. 

Another tip for searching is typing in "PUSAKA" or "PSSGM" in the search field. These are two Gayong groups in Malaysia. Some videos are abbreviated and hard to find. Typing those group names can get you some good video hits. 


There's a website called 

It's a social networking site for Silat people. Cikgu Sulaiman Lee from Gayong UK started the Silat Seni Gayong International group on there. You have to join to view the pages, but there are pics, and video and good Silat Networking there. Check it out. 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Testing 12/6

I forgot:
Tentatively testing on Sat.:
Roehl- green
Justin- white
Chris- white

You'll have a special surprise to go along with your test. Don't get nervous. It won't hurt too bad :)

Class 12/6/08

Class regular time on Saturday- 8am

Class on the 13th is the last class for the semester. 

Don't forget to register for Spring '09 class at There is Malay Silat I an II. Sign up for Silat II if you are a returning student. If it gets full, then sign up for Silat I. We know who you are and will separate you with the group don't worry :)

Registration Code for Malay Silat I- 32585
Registration Code for Malay Silat II- 36598 (they spelled Malay wrong. They've known about it for a month now.)

Sign up soon. If we don't get enough people- Class will be cancelled. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Class Sat 29th. Heads up...

Hi all. There is no class this Sat. at COD. We will have an informal session mostly for recording techniques. There will be no formal instruction, but if you want to come and work out we can guide your techniques if you get stuck or have questions. For those testing prior to semester's end, you can come and refresh before you test. 

START TIME 9AM!!! One hour later than usual. End time TBD.

See you Sat 9am!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to express my thanks to Cikgu and Joel for all the years of instruction and friendship. Thanks! 

Class 11/22/08

Class today was good. We worked on a lot of the basics. Golonggan 1-10, 1-21, 1-41, blocking, basic self defense and escapes, leg sweep drills. The more I train, the more I see how every time I do 1-21 it changes the way I view what we do. Each time, something changes: stance, balance, intensity... Each time there is a lesson, it's not just mindless repitition. It helps with muscle memory, it helps you to see things in a different way. The basics are ALWAYS important, they are your foundation. Without a good foundation the structure crumbles. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

United States Gayong Federation

Hi Everyone,

This is a way to keep everyone updated without having to update the website all the time- - We'll keep the website for major updates and this will be used to give general updates, reports, views, etc. The Jurulatih and Cikgu of United States Gayong Federation will post to this blog. Feel free to respond and open discussions.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


USGF first post.