Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cikgu Kahar Redza

Thinking about some of the Cikgu we have trained with and met in Malaysia over the years. Cikgu Kahar Redza comes to mind. We were fortunate to train with Cikgu Kahar and learn from him.

Cikgu Kahar reminds me of my uncle, he's always putzing in the garden or walking around and checking everything out, but he always is watching you. He is watching your progress, making sure you are staying out of trouble, and laughing at you as you attempt new things. He at first had few words for us, the students. We got messages through other people. He would occasionally give us a nod if we got something right, but we didn't interact with him at first. When we finally trained with him, I was intimidated, I admit.

We definately have language barriers, but we got the message. Daniel in particular can attest to Cikgu Kahar's strength in his hands, as Daniel really got the brunt of the beatings. When we did something wrong, he'd waive his hand and utter "agh!" When we finally got it right, we'd get the nod maybe with an affirmative "ah."

I don't know if Cikgu Kahar's hands are strong and because of this he does Urut, or he does Urut and that's why his hands are strong. Cikgu Kahar helped me with my shoulder pain by performing Urut massage techniques on my feet and hands. If I could have crawled out of my skin, I would have. If you've ever gotten a deep tissue massage, and the tech finds a knot and really tries to get the knot out you begin to understand Urut pain. When you twitch because a spot on your foot or hand is painful, he will stay at that same point until he feels he can move on. Each spot means something else, but when he found the spot and told you what ailment it coencided with, you understood why it hurt. My feet were pretty numb when he finished, and he told me they would be itchy in a few minutes, as the blood flow returned. It was painful but relaxing afterwards, as my shoulder finally relxed after the long plane trip and carrying camera equiptment, luggage, and gifts around.

Cikgu Kahar has that thousand yard stare that will intimidate you when you first meet him. He will beat the tar out of you and jump around you until you are dizzy. If you pay attention, you can learn a lot, even if you don't train with him and just get to be around him.

Terima Kasih Cikgu Kahar!