Thursday, August 27, 2009

Interview about Fight Masters: Silat

Below is a link to an interview with Justin, the producer and Lamb, the cameraman about the documentary on Silat with Joel Champ.

Fight Masters: Silat

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gayong Pondering...

Today the Fight Masters: Silat promo for Malaysia was posted on facebook and on this blog. When I saw it, I was really proud. I am proud of all those people who participated. There are many people in Malaysia in the Gayong community who came out in support of this show. The teachers and students that came out for Mandi Minyak was incredible! The students who drove from Johor for hours to say hello and meet us and support their teacher Cikgu Jaz and the rest of us, the students from Taman Nirwana that stayed at the jungle campground for days to be there early for shooting, the students who traveled with their teachers to come and support and lend their bodies to the abuse of Silat for the good of the shot. All these people, many of whom didn't make the final cut of the show made that Nat Geo show what it is. Their participation made the long journey, lack of sleep and injuries all worth while.

Every time I go to Malaysia, I am amazed how wonderful and generous everyone is. We are one little corner of the world, in a surburb of Chicago, playing Gayong. We go to Malaysia because we want to, we like training there, we love the Gayong people we meet there. They take us in as family, deal with our questions and clambering around. I'm not usually a sappy person, ask the USGF group, they will attest to this. Having said that, as this show "Fight Masters" airs and proceeds, gets good reviews, etc. I am constantly reminded of the experience of being a bystander on the shoot and how everyone involved, main characters, extras, punching bags, cikgus, crew, production people, etc. brought this show to life. It was blood, sweat and tears that made this happen and the result speaks for itself. Just watching the 20 second preview made me reflect on what a truly unique and special experience this was.

Terima Kasih to all!

Fight Master: Silat Promo

This is the promo for Fight Masters: Silat scheduled to air in SE Asian in the next few weeks. It will air in Malaysia on 31 August (Merdeka Day.) I think the promo looks amazing!

Monday, August 24, 2009

COD class Starts Saturday!

Class at College of Dupage starts this saturday at 8am!

All returning students: please wear full uniform (includes belt and bandana.) Please be on time, in full dress. Have to make a good impression on the first day :)

If you are new to COD classes, please wear comfortable clothing, a shirt with sleeves (can be short sleeved just please no sleeveless), long pants (it'll save your knees from the mat) and if you opt for shoes, they need to be inside shoes only, no street shoes. You don't need to buy a uniform right away, try class first and if you choose to be ranked in our art then you'll need a uniform.

You must sign up for COD to take classes. You may try a class before signing up, but you must sign up to train as you have to be covered under COD insurance as a student of the class. If you'd like to bring a friend ever to try class, they are more than welcome to attend a class and see if they like it.

There is no textbook required for class, but personally I think if you're going to train with us, you should read Cikgu Sam's book. It's at the library if you choose not to purchase. It answers lots of questions students tend to have about Silat Seni Gayong. I should know, I submitted lots of the questions for the Q&A part of the book. :)

See you all bright and early on Saturday!

Gayong Logo

Sunday, August 23, 2009

UPDATE in SE Asian Fight Masters Airings

UPDATE on SE Asia Fight Masters Airings: Malaysia and Singapore – Every night beginning August 31st, 2009 at 9pm. Nat Geo channel. Indonesia and Thailand – Every night beginning September 13th, 2009. Nat Geo Channel. (thanks Cikgu Shmsul!)