Monday, August 17, 2009

Fight Masters aside

I traveled to Malaysia with Cikgu Sam and Joel this past Malaysia trip for the Fight Masters filming. I must say that I am very proud of all those involved. Not just the Silat players involved, but the film crew also.

The crew did an amazing job, and Lamb has a great artistic talent. I got to sneak a peek at some of the footage while they viewed it. The man knows his stuff. Thanks to the crew for making the experience a good one.

To all the Silat participants: You gave your all, got beat up and did great jobs with the phrase "okay, one more time." You all make Silat proud. All the Cikgu involved made the experiece great especially with Mandi Minyak. For me, just to be in the atmosphere is something I'll never forget.

Bravo to all!
Be sure to watch in Malaysia- 31 August 9pm Channel 553 (Thanks Cikgu Shamsul for the info)

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