Wednesday, September 2, 2009

more reflections on the Fight Masters: Silat

It's the day after I saw the Fight Masters: Silat show. It's still a bit surreal. I mean Cikgu Sam, Joel, Cikgu Shamsul, Cikgu Jaz, Cikgu Kakar, Pak Pow, Cikgu Rasol, Cikgu Hamza, Cikgu Malik, Cikgu Azman, Cikgu Anuar, the other Cikgu there for Mandi Minyak and the unaired Sundang portion, my Friends the Taman Nirwana boys (Jaz, Alang, Kairur, Man, etc), Pak Pow's students, Kak Nor, Lisa, everyone are people I know! They are all involved with the show and most are in the show! Pretty cool.

There were three things that I got to see that didn't make the show that as a Gayong student, I really wish they had made the cut, but as a viewer I understand time contraints. I really wish the Sundang portion had made the cut! I really with the bottle breaking made the cut (though a student at the shoot posted it on youtube from his cameraphone)! I wish Cikgu Anuar's commentary made the shoot! My knowledge of Malay mostly consists of numbers, words from techniques (which really don't help with general conversation "deadly support" doesn't typically come up,) and food. I was looking forward to Cikgu Anuar's commentary with English subtitles.

I wish more Cikgu could have been there. I'm not trying to be greedy (ok a little) but I had such a great time meeting and seeing all the older Cikgu interact with more it could only have been better and more wonderful! Getting to meet and interact with different Gayong teachers over the many trips to Malaysia is one of the best parts about traveling to Malaysia. They are the knowledge holders, they are the ones to lead Gayong into the future.


moe-shinji said...

Hi, could you post the link for the YouTube sundang video? Thanks


USGF said...

There is no video of the Sundang other than the video that National Geographic owns. It won't be on youtube. We can contact Nat Geo and try and get a part 2, then maybe they'll include the unaired footage!