Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cikgu Hussein Kaslan from PASAK (Gayong Singapore) passed away

Cikgu Hussein Kaslan, the head of Gayong Singapore, PASAK, passed away.

He was one of the great teachers in Gayong

and one of Dato' Meor's first Gayong students.

Top Row Left to Right- Cikgu Rahim (Pak Hussein's son), Cikgu Jazwan, Cikgu Jen, Cikgu Sam
Front- Cikgu Sazali (Dato's Son), and Pak Hussein Kaslan
Singapore, August, 2011

Cikgu Sam, Cikgu Jen, Cikgu Sazali, and Pak Hussein Kaslan
Singapore, August, 2011

I was honored to have met him. He will be missed.

Deepest condolences go out to
Cikgu Hussein's Family
and all of PASAK
from all of us at USGF...

‎"salam. Guru Hj. Hussain Kasllan (Gayong Pasak Singapore) telah kembali kerahmatullah pada 3 petang sebentar tadi. Takziah...Semogga Rohnya dicucuri rahmat..Al-Fatihah...."- From Kak Nor on Facebook]

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