Thursday, January 21, 2010

United States Gayong Federation Club Fair COD

United States Gayong Federation attended a Student Activites Fair at College of Dupage to help promote our new college club. There were about 50 various clubs there. We got some good traffic and helped spread the word about Silat Seni Gayong. Thanks Tim and Luis for sitting with me and promoting for three hours!

Line Up of Club tables

USGF Table set up

USGF Table set up: Sign up sheet, photos, "Malay Art of Self Defense: Silat Seni Gayong" book by Cikgu Sheikh Shamsuddin, "Senaman Tua" book by Guru Azlan Ghanie, "The Keris" book, Training Photos, Gayong Logo stickers, Malaysia Map, Batik, laptop showing "Fight Masters: Siat" T.V. Show featuring Joel Champ, Cikgu Sam, Jazwan Kahar, Cikgu Kahar, Cikgu Malik, Cikgu Kamal, PULAPOL Olahraga students- And Of coure Gayong Flag!!

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USGF said...

looks great!!! wish i was there! great job guys!!