Friday, January 22, 2010

United States Gayong Federation Club Meeting

There will be a COD USGF Club meeting a towards the end of February (date finalized soon)- on a Satuday after class. We will discuss many things and I want all members to bring ideas and suggestions to the meeting.

To be discussed:
  • Gayong weekend in May/June
  • M'sia Summer trip
  • Articles
  • Club dues
  • Club funds- how/what to spend
  • End of semester get together
  • Suppplimental training days
  • Summer School yes/no
  • more topics as they arise
This meeting will last at least 2 hours, all officers should attend. Please be prepared as this should be a round table style discussion. Joel can join in via skype if he's not working and wants to join us.

Check here for more information on the date and updates on the agenda in a couple weeks!

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